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Balance Buddy (frogille)

- Sopii frog first bike pyörille (40-48 ja 52 single)

- Tukeva runko.

- Helppo asentaa, helppo käyttää.

- Korkeussäätö niin että sopii erikokoisille aikuisille.


We are pleased to offer a Frog Bikes specific Balance Buddy to fit our First Pedal range.

The Balance Buddy is a dual purpose, height adjustable handle, designed for the parent to provide balance when teaching children to ride independently for the first time.

Even when you let go of the handle, the Balance Buddy stays upright, providing a safe method for both parent and child.

Features Include:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Supplied with axle extender bolts
  • Easy to fit, easy to use
  • Easy to control
  • Rapidly builds confidence
  • Safety grab bar
  • Height adjustable to suit any adult
  • No more bending, no more backache

PLEASE NOTE: This Balance Buddy is made specifically for Frog Bikes, standard Balance Buddies from other stockists will not be compatible with our bikes. This is only compatible with our First Pedal Bike range - the Frog 40, 48 and 52 Single-speed.

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